Brokerage Services

Why do you need a real estate broker to buy or sell your Vermont commercial property?

In short – a broker can make sure you are not spending too much when buying, and will make sure you get a fair price if selling. Buying or selling a commercial property can be overwhelming. Between valuations, legal documents and operational analysis the process can be daunting at the least. A broker can help guide a buyer/seller through everything, step-by-step, relieving stress and giving peace of mind that the right decisions are being made for your future.

How our commercial brokerage services can help you

Increased Exposure to Potential Buyers/Sellers

We get the word out for you! Our brokerage services include working full-time looking for the perfect commercial property for you, or getting the word out that your property is for sale. If selling a property, your listing will be seen on MLS and popular commercial real estate sites such as,,,,, and more. In addition your listing can be found on our own Hospitality Consultants website and Facebook page.

We’re In The Loop

We are frequently working with other brokers, this means we often we have access to a commercial listing before it’s even on the market.

Our Vermont Market Expertise

Unlike many other brokerage services, we focus our expertise on a specific geographic area- the state of Vermont. Because we are so specialized, we are leading experts on buying and selling commercial real estate in this state. Not only can we help you find an area in Vermont to suit your needs, but we know the Vermont real estate market, it’s trends, and if a price is fair and reasonable.

Our Professional Broker Negotiating Skills

Negotiate. We do it every day and have over 50 years experience! Negotiating on your behalf, with our professional knowledge, will ensure you receive a fair buying or selling price.

We Want To Help

Buying or selling a commercial property can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us help you enjoy this exciting time and be sure you receive successful results!

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